100 Days

Launched by the Sprout Fund, 100 Days of US helps people respond to pressing issues facing our country and take action during the first 100 days of the next presidential administration. Sprout has committed $100,000 to support community-led projects and we have one of those!

Pigeon Positivity is an effort to bring together segregated groups in our community and improving a pedestrian corridor used by both groups Spring Hill is traditionally a white community founded by German settlers who brought their own pigeons with them from Germany. We intend to work with Spring Hill Elementary after-school program which is almost entirely children of color and the older people of St. Ambrose who are mostly white. Bringing these two groups together to make ceramic pigeons may spark a shared interest in the quality of walking areas along Itin, Rhine and Walz Streets in our neighborhood.

Be sure to vote for us on Sprout's website to help us have a better chance of being funded. 


Braddock Youth Project Mural

Just finished creating a huge mosaic mural with the Braddock Youth Project  on Braddock Ave. Along with BYP leader Brendan Renne and 12 students, we created a mosaic mural in record time featuring giant red glasses. This project was funded in part by the Braddock Rotary Club. Be sure to take a drive through Braddock to see our handiwork.